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SINCE 1940the Professional Fire Fighters Association of Louisiana (PFFALA) has represented the career professional fire fighters throughout the state.  Our Fire Fighters are the men and women who have committed their lives to protecting the lives of others. In October 2012 the PFFALA proudly began its first fundraiser. Callers are contacting residents by phone and asking them to purchase tickets for a benefit concert in an effort to raise money for our programs. Some of our intended programs include:

•PURCHASE and PROVIDE Pulse Oximeters to fire fighters throughout Louisiana. By measuring Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), Carbon Monoxide (SpCO) and monitoring pulse rate, these specialized devices provide life saving information to our first responders when seconds count.

•COMMUNITY SAFETY SEMINARS We will present at no charge to the public, health and fire safety seminars throughout the state.  These events will have member fire fighters on hand to teach our citizens proper fire safety procedure for the home and hands on first aid. Every day we see many hospital visits and needless fatalities that could have been prevented.  By educating the public about proper medical response during the critical time between calling 911 until help arrives, we hope to save lives.

•PROUDLY SPONSORING children to attend “Camp I’m Still Me”. This regional burn camp has provided hundreds of young Louisiana burn victims a fun, safe environment in which to help rebuild their lives.

•CREATE AWARENESS of Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technician injuries, occupational illnesses and the hazards Fire Fighters and Emergency Medical Technicians are exposed to as well as supporting efforts to improve benefits for Fire Fighters and EMTs injured in the line of duty.

•SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS dedicated to improving lives of the people of Louisiana. These include Muscular Dystrophy Association, Life Shares Blood Drives and Burn Centers.

•SUPPORT of LAWS that will benefit the members of the fire service and help make Louisiana a safer place to work, live and raise our families.

We do not use a professional fundraiser and instead chose to conduct our fundraiser ourselves. Our benefit concerts will offer quality entertainment, available at a reasonable price and provide our supporters a fun night out for the whole family. Residents who are too far away to drive to the concert may instead sponsor the PFFALA by becoming a booster member and will receive a decal for display. Our fundraiser is new, and is still unknown to most people. But our organization is not and represents the men and woman of one of the most respected professions in Louisiana. We appreciate those people who stand behind us and also thank folks for their patience as we do this for the first time.
Without the help of the community our life saving programs would not exist. Whether it be fire, auto accident, medical emergency or natural disaster, we are the first to respond.  As fire fighters, we realize that we may be needed to go beyond the call of duty. That is a call we proudly rise to answer.
Chad Major, President
Professional Fire Fighters Association of Louisiana
Thank you to all of our supporters who helped make our fundraiser a success and to those who came out to our December 2013 Christmas benefit concert featuring Bowzer from Sha Na Na, The Crystals and Freddy Cannon. The show was a fun, safe night out for all ages to enjoy.
Thanks also to everyone who put blood, sweat and tears into making this memorable event possible.

In order to raise funds for our educational, fire safety and member programs we have begun our new campaign. Our staff is currently calling residents asking them to support their fire fighters by becoming a 2014 Booster Member. We will also be selling tickets to our upcoming Benefit Concert scheduled in July.

This year’s event will be VOICES of the WETLANDS Allstars featuring Grammy nominated artist Tab Benoit, Grammy Winner Cyril Neville, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, Waylon Thibodeaux, Jumpin Johnny Sansone and Johhny Vidacovich.
We ask that if possible, you would continue to support our efforts.